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TEAMS-MANSHIP™ Corporate & NPO Leadership Training

ADVANTAGE RANCH LLC offers one day and two day programs in Teams-Manship™ Corporate and NPO Leadership Training featuring activities with horses that enhance leadership, communications skills, team building, and self-discovery.

The technologies, which grow out of our two decades of work in how horses teach us about ourselves and prepare us for working with others, transforms the axiom of “Know --> Do --> Be” into a new world view. In this new world view the emphasis is on “Who are we BEING while we are DOING?”

Horses are particularly effective as partners for this learning because they serve to get the group out of their comfort zone and away from their predictable behavior patterns. Horses have the unique ability to see who we really are, beyond the trappings of power and position, and to demand authenticity in their interactions with us. Activities that involve the team working things out with a team-mate that weighs more than a thousand pounds, does not understand your language, and is present only in this moment offer unique opportunities for creativity, initiative and leadership.

Learning to trust yourself and your team is an important aspect of horse interactive team building work. Additional benefits are available in the areas of:
  • the effect and effectiveness of direction
  • group problem solving dynamics
  • communications of “what is” and removing drama
  • understanding the balance of power in relationships
  • seeing from the other person’s perspective, lessons in empathy and compassion
  • identifying obstacles
  • maintaining a managed state of being in the face of difficulties
  • strategic and creative planning
  • working together, working things out, work-ability
  • And it’s fun!!!

The Finesse Softball Team during their
National Tournament in 2014

Team reciting the True Joy

Courage doesn't mean you're not scared

Each Teams-Manship™ Corporate and NPO Leadership Training experience is custom designed to meet the identified needs of your organization. Let us know your needs.