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EQUINE INTERACTIVE COUNSELING™ Training and Certification Program

The ADVANTAGE RANCH LLC mission in training programs for the horse industry began with this program for those who wish to partner with horses to provide services in attaining well-being for young people and adults who have been abused, or who are struggling with such challenges as learning disabilities, hyperactivity, emotional difficulties, personal growth, behavior modification, opportunities for the "gifted and talented", and understanding and dealing with the expectations of family, the work place and society. Anyone who feels misunderstood will benefit from participation in an Equine Interactive Counseling™ program through learning to better understand themselves and the world around them.

This is work in what is commonly called therapeutic riding, for cognitive, mental health and relationship matters, and is identified as one type of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies as defined by PATH International, the professional association of therapeutic horsemanship.

Equine Interactive Counseling™ is a solution focused protocol and methodology. This method is distinguished from the “normal way of doing things in therapeutic riding” by placing the horse actively at the apex of a treatment triangle. Equine Interactive Counseling™ method recognizes the power of horses to reveal to us all that are, seen and unseen, and provides an automatic diagnosis and treatment cycle. The integrity of this method does not rely upon the actions of an education or mental health professional as it honors the horse as the active “educator and therapist” serving the client.

Peggy Norwood Stella
Coach of EIC Durham, NC

The key to Equine Interactive Counseling™ method is the extent to which the psychology of the horse and the psychology of people is the same. This commonality is expanded by the fact that there are natural linkages between the physiology of the horse and the physiology of the rider. In other words the horse, when presented in an appropriately designed treatment program, is nature's perfect partner for a person.

The horse makes the difference.

Certified Coaches of Equine Interactive Counseling™ are trained to see the people through the eyes of the horses. The horses work in a performance partnership with the client and in a counseling partnership with the Coach. The horse is the mediator and an accurate information conduit between the client and the Coach. The resulting relationships between all three parties are symbiotic; each one becomes inter-twined in the relationship of the other two; and each relationship grows as the other relationships in the triangle grow.

The Coach helps the rider understand the horse, be present with the horse,
and learn mindfulness from the horse.

ADVANTAGE RANCH LLC offers a specialized curriculum that trains adults in Equine Interactive Counseling™ technologies. Professionals in social services, juvenile and family counseling, ministry, education and equine instruction learn program content and technical skills combined with innovative business and marketing approaches that support long term professional growth. To further enrich this training mission, Equine Interactive CounselingTM graduate coaches are provided with consulting services addressing program development and evaluation. Through ReSource, ADVANTAGE RANCH LLC conducts this training program and certifies professionals as Coaches of Equine Interactive Counseling™. Coaches undergo extensive training in program content, technologies, and operations. This training program is supported by resource materials used in Equine Interactive Counseling™ programs, continuing education opportunities, and public information materials which assure uniformity of service at our affiliated community based centers. As a result of this training Equine Interactive Counseling™ Coaches offer the state of the art in healing through horses, goal directed programs yielding achievable and measurable results in the promotion of emotional well-being, cognitive growth and improved inter-personal relationships.

The ADVANTAGE RANCH LLC program for Coach’s training is conducted at the Ranch, over a two week time frame with a minimum of 120 hours of planned course work. Course work is conducted in the classroom and in experiential sessions directly with horses and clients. The course is limited to 6 participants. Graduates are Certified Coaches of Equine Interactive Counseling™, and are permitted to use the ADVANTAGE RANCH LLC and ReSource products, methods, and trademarks as designated.

Upon graduation, each Coach will be ready to take the technologies they have learned back into their own communities to serve the populations that touch, move and inspire them. Just as each individual course participant is motivated to do this special work by a deep personal reason, each resulting business unit will offer unique services inspired by the passion of the Coach and meeting the needs of the community.

The course work is divided in two sections. The first section is the preparation for a career in Equine Interactive Counseling™. In the second section of the course trainees learn to turn preparation into performance resulting in a financially viable career.

PREPARATION: Ready your Self to be a Pro

Preparation for a successful career in Equine Interactive Counseling™ is accomplished in three areas:
  • Proactive - the preparation of self
  • Professional - the skills and expertise in the field
  • Provider - sharing with others

EIC course, Section One
  • Developing Belief
  • Integrity and Personal Development
  • Continuing Self Growth
  • The Art of Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ethics and Standards
  • Personal Behaviors
  • The Coach’s Role
  • Boundaries for Self and Client
  • The Seven Keys to the EIC Process
  • Working from the Bridge
  • Horse Experiences
  • Human Child Experiences
  • EIC Applications for Adults and Groups/Family Units
  • The Biomechanics of Horse/Human Relationships
  • Putting the Pieces Together
  • Continuing Education
  • True Communication
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Team Building
  • SMART Goals
  • Presentation Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Demonstration and other Methods
  • Lesson/Session Planning and record keeping
  • Prioritizing

PERFORMANCE: Turn your Preparation into CASH

There is a substantial difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to make a living doing it. The Coach training program teaches how to make a living in the field of Equine Interactive Counseling™. This section breaks down the basics of the business equation “Income less Outgo equals Profit”; management of Net Profit given the Organizational Framework; how to maximize income and minimize outgo while meeting long term service goals; and, business management.

This is an excellent training program for educators, social service workers, counseling specialists and horse persons wishing to serve others along the journey from experiencing life difficulties to living in peace and well-being.
EIC course, Section Two
  • For Profit or Non Profit
  • Balancing Vision with Resources
  • The Three “D’s”: Determining Need : Defining Mission : Delineating Method
  • The ABC’s: A Simple Method of Starting a New Program
  • Participating in Efforts Larger than Self
  • Industry Involvement and Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Fixed Expenses
  • Variable Expenses
  • Full Cost Budgeting
  • Cost Per Unit
  • Setting Rates
  • Professional Networking
  • Defining Market
  • Public Relations
  • Creating Demand
  • Sources of Pay
  • Fundraising and Grant-writing
  • Public Funds and Trust
  • Third Party Payment
  • Accounting
  • Operations and Record Keeping
  • Client Records and Confidentiality
  • Mailing Lists
  • Billing Practices
  • Human Relations
  • Horse Industry Aspects
  • Physical Plant
  • Capital Assets
  • Safety in Action
  • Accreditation
  • Research Activities
  • Ongoing Industry Involvement