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Each student in our Professional Development program comes in with their own unique background, skill sets, and resumes.

Some come with a lot of content knowledge: they have ridden for years, even competed at a high level; they have a college degree related to the industry; they have owned and cared for their own horses. These students have lots of “how to do”, and they are here to learn skills in “how to be”. They are here with an emphasis on CONTEXT: the professional way of being; code of conduct; living a life of service instead of a life of entitlements. These students are good candidates to complete the 30 DAY IMMERSION in Professional Development™ course and be quickly placed in horse businesses that fit their dream and vision.
Some come with a big dream and little knowledge. They have loved horses all their life and held their dreams of working with horses and in the horse industry like a little flame in the corner of their heart…. never really believing that there would be a way for this dream to come true. Their journey will be longer. They usually complete the 30 DAY IMMERSION in Professional Development™ course and then enroll in continuing education at ADVANTAGE RANCH.

The Continuing Education period is measured in 90 day increments with a focus of skills to be acquired in that time. Most students complete 8 blocks of continuing education and then have an externship placement in a horse business that offers them an opportunity to live their dream. Some then return for more continuing education, others may go straight from externship to a job placement.