Everything you would look for in a place to learn to ride, or care for your horse, and collaborate with you in the training of your own horse is available at Advantage Ranch.


In the modern horse world there is often a division between the training of the horse and the teaching of the rider. At ADVANTAGE RANCH we recognize the essential truth that creating beauty in the performance of horse and rider relies upon partnership, upon the pursuit of knowledge, and upon compassion for ourselves and our horses. Riding requires an understanding training, of how the actions of the humans are understood by the horse. Seeing the world of riding from the perspective of the horse is the foundation of training.

  • Training from the foundation of classical dressage, applied to western, hunt seat, saddle seat and sport horse disciplines.
  • Encouraging owners to be involved in their horse’s training program.
  • Ground work, Leadership, Performance
  • Teaching training and riding together
  • Breeding, raising, training and competing with Appaloosa horses.
From your first riding lesson you will be learning the fundamentals of the training conversation. It begins with the rider asking the horse, through the use of the aids, “HORSE, ARE YOU TRAINED?”

The horse will either answer YES or NO. If the answer is YES, then training is present; if the answer is NO the horse is asking a question of the rider, “ARE YOU A TRAINER?”

The greatest fear of a horse is that the rider will not know how to answer this question. Horses require training in order to remain confident. So the focus of instruction at ADVANTAGE RANCH is to prepare every rider to know the answer to the question “ARE YOU A TRAINER?”