Everything you would look for in a place to learn to ride, or care for your horse, and collaborate with you in the training of your own horse is available at Advantage Ranch.


Your COACH tells you things you donít want to hear so that you do things you donít want to do so that you can BE who you want to BE.
Coaching is distinguished from teaching: The focus of teaching is to offer the rider opportunities to grow their content skills, how to start, stop and steer the horse, how to create an ongoing communication and a partnership expressed in the performance of the horse; the focus of coaching is contextual, how to you manage your state of being in the face of difficult circumstances, how to you build commitment, dedication, and esteem from the challenges you face. Riding at Advantage Ranch is always the product of the excellent coaching leadership and mentoring from World Champion Coach Deb Dyer. She provides supervision and training for the instruction team, and direct coaching for competitive riders.

Deb Dyer
Founder and Executive Director
of Advantage Ranch LLC

Demand more of yourself than you do of your horse.

How hard are you working when no one is watching?